Avoiding Burnout

by WOHe

Avoiding Burnout

Silver Spring, MD Running a business in the kitchen and bath
industry is tough and long hours, stress and regular run-ins with
“Murphy’s Law” can make anyone a candidate for burnout.

And burnout can result in serious emotional and physical problems,
as well as a decline in business profits.

There are ways, however, to “beat the burnout monster,” according
to remodeling industry educator and consultant David Hollies.
Hollies, president of Home Connections, Inc., based here, offers
the following tips for beating small-business burnout:

  • Identify the symptoms that are affecting your
  • Do first things first.
  • Stop talking and start listening you’ll learn more.
  • View failure as a successful identification of something that
    doesn’t work the way you’ve been approaching it.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Catch people doing something right.
  • Spread enthusiasm and good will.
  • Decide to be helpful and fun-loving.
  • Network with other business owners.
  • Join local trade and business groups.
  • Take a vacation or break.
  • Utilize outside advisors to help you brainstorm.
  • Vent frustrations.
  • Re-evaluate goals.
  • Try to constantly learn something new.

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