Bathrooms $30,000 – $50,000




CG&S Design Build

Austin, Texas

This guest bathroom is located at the end of a once-dark interior hallway that is immediately off the entry of a mid-century, traditional ranch-style home. Guests are inevitably afforded a view that terminates at the open door to the bath. Because the only natural light into the hall is through the open door of the bath, decisions for its renovation were oriented toward making the view of the room through its open door beautiful and assuring that the hallway continued to receive adequate natural light. The homeowner wanted to make the bath beautiful, spare, elegant and light-filled. The bath functions as a bathroom for nearby bedrooms and as a powder room for guests.



Element Design Group

New York

This bathroom project was part of a high-end renovation in a 1930s apartment house in New York City. The floor plan of the apartment was redesigned, making expansion of the bathroom possible. With fixtures being moved to new locations, innovative solutions had to be devised so everything would work properly and be code compliant. A custom linear shower drain was fabricated to allow the waste lines to be run above the existing floor slab and covered with the flooring material. Also, a wall-hung toilet was selected so all the plumbing lines could be run through the walls and connect to the existing waste lines.



Case Design/Remodeling

Bethesda, Md.

Before the remodeler’s intervention, this bathroom was an original 1956 “Mamie pink classic,” a reference to former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower and her era.  With peeling silver foil wallpaper and dated plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring, the bathroom screamed, “please help.”  The pink and silver combination was quite loud and distracting, so a more subtle color scheme was selected. A bidet was removed and replaced with a window seat. The bath’s location in a dormer space created spatial challenges, but vertical stripes on the walls and larger floor tiles create the illusion the space is greater than it is.


Honorable Mention

Silent Rivers

Clive, Iowa

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