Bathrooms Below $30,000




PMD Development Inc.

New York, N.Y.

This bathroom was the smallest the remodeler had ever gutted and renovated. It measures less than 3 feet at its widest point, narrowing to 30 inches by the window wall above the toilet. The challenge was to make the dark, cramped space feel bigger. By using frosted glacier glass tiles from floor to ceiling for all walls and over the shower, the small room was made to feel larger. Frameless glass doors also helped to visually enhance the shower. The deck-mounted faucet was changed to a wall mount to gain yet another few inches, and the original vanity was redesigned as a pedestal.



Grossmueller’s Design Consultants Inc.

Washington, D.C.

The existing master bath was cramped, outdated and did not fit the needs of the homeowners. They wanted a peaceful retreat that was bright and spacious with contemporary finishes, a double vanity and a steam shower. Keeping the budget in mind, ceramic tiles with simple chrome linear accents are the basis for the walls, floors and ceiling of the shower. Metal mosaics and the steam feature are the splurges. The style is sleek and modern with a splash of sophistication, in keeping with the client’s love of contemporary design.



Vision Woodworks Inc.

Maple Valley, Wash.

In its previous life, the bathroom was an empty attic space. The owner of the home office wanted the convenience of a local bathroom, but nothing too large. The qualifications were that it must be space-conscious, functional and amazing in style. Where once there stood empty studs and a useless area, now stands stained Sapele cabinetry topped with a concrete countertop and backsplash. Each of the squares on the side panels was individually cut and placed, alternating vertical and horizontal grains. Maximizing space, the side panels conceal medicine cabinets.


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