BCI Acrylic Bath Systems (profitable business opportunity)

by WOHe

BCI® Acrylic Bath Systems, Inc. is the largest independent manufacturer of acrylic bathliners, showerliners, wall surrounds, and related products for the remodeling industry.

BCI®’s bathliner and wall systems are custom-molded to fit right over the existing bathtub, shower base, or wall surround.

BCI® Acrylic is the leader in the bathliner industry due to the following:

* No Franchise or Royalty Fees
* Thickest Acrylic Material
* Largest Color Selection
* Cutting-edge Manufacturing Technology
* Innovative Product Design Facility
* Management/Owners with Retail Experience

To learn more about BCI®, we invite you to read on and explore our website! http://www.bciacrylic.com

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