BIM: Use, Trends and Awards


Recently, a study was released by NBS
– a resource for the UK construction industry – highlighting the “alarming
lack of awareness of BIM across the construction industry.” 

According to an overview of the study by Building
, 43 percent of
respondents were either unaware of building information modeling or had
never used it. That’s a large group of people – almost half- who aren’t
using a tool that the industry touts as the future. Granted the results
may be different if U.S. designers were surveyed.

magazine recently reported on the trends in the BIM
software market
, which exposed
BIM as less of a software and more of a process.

Jay Moore, business development director for Ameri-Cad was quoted in the
article: “We moved from pencil to mouse in the
‘80s. This is a new paradigm shift – a new solution that will
further elevate the knowledge from CAD, create better drawings, greater
accuracy and build a more sustainable structure with fewer

If you utilize BIM tools, you may be interested in the American
Institute of Architects’ BIM Awards program. Five categories are
available: BIM Excellence; Delivery Process Innovation;
Outstanding Sustainable Design; Academic Program / Curriculum
Development; and, Exemplary use of BIM in a Small Firm. Deadline is
Jan. 10, 2011. Visit AIA’s
website to enter the awards program.

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