BPI Included in Draft HOME STAR Legislation

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MALTA, NY — March 3,
2010 —
The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI), a nationally
recognized standards development and contractor credentialing organization for
residential energy efficiency retrofit work, announced that its personnel
certification and company accreditation credentials-along with many of its
national technical standards-are cited in draft legislation for the ‘Home Star
Act of 2010.’


President Barack Obama promoted
the proposed HOME STAR incentive program after touring an energy efficiency
workforce development program at Savannah Technical College recently as part of
his ‘White House to Main Street’ jobs tour.


In his remarks, the President
outlined the job-creation benefits of HOME STAR, noting that with unemployment
in the construction sector near 25%, along with substantial underutilized
capacity in the manufacturing sector, the HOME STAR program has the potential to
jumpstart economic recovery by boosting demand for energy efficiency products
and installation services. HOME STAR is expected to create approximately 168,000
new jobs in local communities.


He also noted that this program
will help an average middle-class family save hundreds of dollars a year in
energy costs while improving the comfort and value of their most important
investment-their home. In addition, the program would help reduce the American
economy’s dependence on oil and support the development of a domestic energy
efficiency services sector.


“HOME STAR is a truly sustainable
initiative, because it offers economic benefits, societal benefits and
environmental benefits in one package,” says David Hepinstall, Chairman of the
BPI Board of Directors. “We are particularly pleased that the proposal includes
safeguards for homeowner and taxpayer protection in the form of contractor
certification, company accreditation and independent quality assurance
protocols. We’re looking forward to getting this program off the ground and
being able to provide a highly skilled, qualified work force to help make it a


BPI is part of a coalition of
more than 500 construction contractors, building products and mechanical
manufacturers, retail sales businesses, environmental and energy efficiency
groups and labor advocates from all 50 states who want to see the job creation
and energy savings benefits of the federal HOME STAR legislation realized.


About the Building Performance

The Building Performance
Institute, Inc., (BPI) is the nation’s premier building performance
credentialing, quality assurance, and national standards setting organization.
BPI supports the development of a highly professional building performance
industry through individual and organizational credentialing and a rigorous
quality assurance program.


For more information about BPI,
visit: www.bpi.org.

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