Brandom Mfg. Co. Ceases Operations

by WOHe

Brandom Mfg. Co. Ceases Operations

Keene, TX Brandom Mfg. Co., the producer of the Brandom Collection
of kitchen and bath cabinetry, has abruptly ceased operations,
effective immediately, company officials announced.

According to Brandom, headquartered here, steadily mounting losses
resulted in the well-known cabinet manufacturer closing its doors
in early November.

“We have been fighting to get back to our standard lead-time and
have exhausted our finances in doing so,” executive v.p./general
manager Eldon Spady and national sales manager Chuck Bailey wrote
in a terse letter to customers and sales reps.

Spady and Bailey observed that it became “necessary to stop the
losses” before they had an deleterious effect on Brandom’s sister
cabinet company, the Salt Lake City-based Karman Kitchens.

No additional details on the stunning closure were available as of
press time.

Both Karman and Brandom are owned by the same Phoenix-based
corporate entity, Distributors U.S.A. Since earlier this year, both
companies have shared the name Mantle-White Cabinet Group, even
though the two manufacturers produced and marketed their cabinet
lines separately. The companies had also realigned their senior
management, and had made an effort to create synergy in the areas
of purchasing and manufacturing, while rolling out new products and

Karman’s products are aimed at the custom and semi-custom markets,
while Brandom had been targeting the stock to semi-custom sides of
the market.

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