Brickworks Invests $10 Million in Glen-Gery Plant

by Emily Blackburn

Brickworks Building Products, Australia’s largest brick manufacturer entered the U.S. market in November of 2018 through the acquisition of Glen-Gery.

The objectives were simple; invest in people and manufacturing technologies while promoting brick as a stylish, modern material.

Brickworks has moved quickly on these promises; recently announcing a $10 million dollar investment in facility upgrades at Glen-Gery’s Hanley Plant located in Summerville, Pennsylvania. These upgrades include modernization to equipment that will improve the quality of products and increase capacity by 15 million brick per year. Additionally, upgrades include updated work spaces for employees and an architectural showroom for customers to view and select products. The project will commence in May and be complete by early 2021.

Built in 1924,  Glen-Gery purchased the Haneley plant in 1986. Hanley is known for its selection of glazed and Klaycoat brick. Their color palette includes cool greys, natural tans and deep burgundy colors,

Mark Ellenor, President Brickworks North America said, “This investment will ensure opportunities for the next generation of brick makers and allow us to continue supplying high quality products and meet future demand.”

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