Business Resolutions

by WOHe

It’s that time of year again to make your new year’s resolutions to eat better, exercise more and quit smoking. Now that you have yourself taken care of, what about your business?  Have you made any new year’s resolutions to make your business a better place? If not, why not?

With so much of a business owner’s life devoted to running a business, setting goals to increase productivity, controlling costs and streamlining systems aren’t just good business practices, but obtainable goals that everyone can get behind.  Instead of putting off those ideas you’ve had, why not use this opportunity to try something different with the increased fervor of a fresh start and the new year?

Get your team together and ask them what they would suggest for a business New Year’s resolution. Talk to everyone that has a hand in the company down to the subs you have a partnership with. Then pick the realistic ideas that are along the lines of a changed habit or improvement to the work flow. Present the business resolutions to the group and brainstorm ways to make them happen. Make sure everyone has a part in making these goals happen and have some ownership in their success or failure. Most importantly, track your resolutions. Whether they succeed or fail, look at why they did in order to improve the business more in the future.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the greatest amount of impact.  Set specific, measurable goals to know when you have reached them and make sure to reward success. Quite possibly, by making your business a better place, you just might make your life better too.

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