Cabinet Vision Sets Courses

by WOHe

Cabinet Vision Sets Courses

Tuscaloosa, AL Cabinet Vision, the computer software supplier to
the kitchen/bath and cabinet manufacturing trades, has launched a
new training program designed to help attendees become proficient
on the company’s “Solid” products.

According to Cabinet Vision, its “Solid Advanced User
Certification Program” consists of a series of training courses
that will lead to designation as a Cabinet Vision Certified User.
The courses, which kicked off last month, are offered monthly at
Cabinet Vision’s training centers in Tuscaloosa, AL; Carlsbad, CA
and Tallahassee, FL, as well as at other U.S. sites.

The schedule of programs for 2000, through May, includes:
Feb. 4-5, Dayton, OH; Feb. 11-12, Tuscaloosa, AL; Feb. 18,
Tuscaloosa, AL (design only); Feb. 18-19, Carls-bad, CA; Feb 25-26,
Tallahassee, FL and Philadelphia, PA; March 6-11, Dayton, OH; March
13-18, Tusca-loosa, AL; March 20-25, Carlsbad, CA; March 24,
Tuscaloosa, AL (design only); March 27-April 1, Tallahassee, FL and
New York City; April 3-8, Dayton, OH; April 10-15, Tuscaloosa, AL;
April 17-22, Carls-bad, CA; April 21, Tuscaloosa, AL (design only);
April 24-29, Talla-hassee, FL and Chicago, IL; May 1-6, Dayton, OH;
May 8-13, Tusca-loosa, AL; May 15-20, Carlsbad, CA; May 19,
Tuscaloosa, AL (design only); May 22-27, Tallahassee, FL.

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