CalStar Products Opens Green Brick Plant



CALEDONIA, Wis., Jan. 12,
2010 —
CalStar Products, Inc. opened its first green brick and paver
plant in the Village of Caledonia, in southeastern Wisconsin, less than 80 miles
north of Chicago.


The plant helps address national
environmental goals of improving U.S. energy independence, mitigating
greenhouse gas emissions, preserving natural resources, and reducing landfill
demand. At the same time, it puts a brownfield facility back into productive
use, and brings new green jobs to a region with a distinguished manufacturing
history that has been particularly hard-hit by the recession.


The first of its kind in the
nation, the Caledonia plant takes to commercial
scale a new process that combines CalStar innovations in material science,
technology and manufacturing. Incorporating fly ash from a nearby We Energies
power plant, CalStar’s process reduces the energy required and CO2 generated in
brickmaking by 85% compared to conventional fired clay brick. At the same time,
the products use 40% post-industrial recycled material.


CalStar was awarded a $2.44M tax
credit under the Recovery Act Advanced Energy program for clean energy
manufacturing projects. CalStar plans to open at least five additional plants to
manufacture sustainable building materials over the next several

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