Cascadia Railing System Now at Cardinal Building Products

by Emily Blackburn
AGS Stainless, Inc. a maker of stainless steel railing systems, is proud to announce a new partnership with Cardinal Building Products to distribute AGS’ new Cascadia Railing System primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

Cascadia is a stainless steel bar rail system that installs with minimal field modification. Cascadia was designed to give builders a stainless railing product at a price closer to that of aluminum railing systems.

Homeowner Trends Towards Quality Materials

“Research indicates that homeowners are increasingly interested in higher-quality deck and stair railing products,” said Kevin Harris, director of sales and marketing for AGS Stainless. “Prior to Cascadia, that often meant hiring a local metal fabricator.”

He continues, “Currently, Cascadia is the only ICC ES-approved stainless steel bar rail system. This allows for immediate acceptance by the vast majority of building departments, eliminating the time-consuming review and approval process. A typical stainless railing system might require weeks to complete the design, permit, approval and fabrication and installation process. Cascadia railing system components are pulled from dealer inventory and they can be installed the very same day.”

Rick Hess, general manager for Cardinal, sums up the collaboration this way: “We’re excited to be able to bring this product to customers in mid-Atlantic region. Our customers are going to appreciate this system’s marine-grade stainless steel components and its ease of installation. Additionally, they’ll appreciate simply having access to a stainless steel railing product that doesn’t require custom design.”

Some features of Cascadia:

  • Components are made of highly durable A316 marine-grade stainless
  • Design flexibility, as the system will accommodate a wide variety of top rail materials
  • ICC-ES approval (ESR 4148) makes permitting a cinch

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