Caught in the middle; when colleagues collide

by WOHe

Have you ever been in a situation in which you learn that one colleague “stuck it†to another of your colleagues, and you’re caught in the middle wondering if you’ll need to choose which one you’ll remain friendly with? Can you remain friendly with both of them? And if you do, will that upset the friend who got the short end of the stick? What do you do in this situation?

Recently caught in this exact situation, my first reaction was to be upset with the alleged offender. I did not want to speak to him or help him out in any way. It’s easy to think that way, until I was forced to interact with him. When it becomes real like that – having to be face to face – I become a little wiser and not so tough.

The fair thing to do is to get each side of the story before forming lasting opinions. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle, as it did in this situation. I remain friendly with both of my colleagues, even though they don’t talk anymore. So be it.

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