CertainTeed plant diverts 24 million pounds of waste from landfills

by bkrigbaum@solagroup.com

(Valley Forge, Pa. – January 27, 2010) – Throughout five years of production, CertainTeed’s plant in Sherman, Texas has reached a significant environmental milestone. The plant, which manufactures ToughGard(R) 2 Textile Duct Liner, has diverted more than 24 million pounds of waste from being landfilled by incorporating a high-recycled content in the product. Specifically, ToughGard 2 Textile Duct Liner contains 75 percent recycled content — the highest of any textile duct liner in the market.

“Our plant has significantly reduced scrap materials going to a landfill in the past five years,” says Eric Schramm, plant manager of Sherman’s facility. “We have made several efficiency improvements to manufacture the ToughGard 2 Textile Duct Liner with a high recycled content. These improvements, along with safety, are the great strides we have made while our plant has been in production.”

Used primarily as an acoustical liner in HVAC sheet metal ducts, ToughGard 2 Textile Duct Liner helps improve the energy efficiency of a HVAC system by reducing heat gain or loss and minimizes moisture problems due to condensation. The duct liner is designed to meet specifications for acoustical and LEED-certified projects and the National Association of Home Builders’ Green Building Guidelines with its recycled content and other sustainable features.

Composed primarily of long, textile-type glass fibers, ToughGard 2 Textile Duct Liner is a durable, abuse-resistant and easy-to-clean product. ToughGard 2 exceeds the thermal performance of all competing duct liners with a higher R-value and an enhanced abrasion-resistant surface. It is also more moisture-resistant than standard duct liners. Moisture that enters a duct system insulated with ToughGard 2 Textile Duct Liner beads up and stays beaded, allowing airflow to evaporate the moisture before it can be absorbed into the liner. TG2 also contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent, to ward off potential mold and microbial growth.

The duct liner can be used in most types of comfort heating and cooling duct systems operating at velocities of up to 6,000 feet per minute and temperatures to 250ºF.

For more information about ToughGard 2 Textile Duct Liner, visit www.certainteed.com.

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