CKDs, CBDs Gain Ground In Two States

by WOHe

CKDs, CBDs Gain Ground In Two States

Hackettstown, NJ For the first time, CKD and CBD certification
exams have been recognized in state interior design certification
programs in California and Nebraska, the National Kitchen &
Bath Association announced.

In California, the California Council of Interior Design
Certification, a private group that has certified over 3,500
interior designers in California, voted to accept the combination
of the CKD and CBD exams as part of the qualifications for
certification. Previously, the National Council for Interior Design
Qualification (NCIDQ) and the Council for Qualification of
Residential Int-erior Designers (CQRID) were the only exams
accepted for certification as a Certified Interior Designer in
California, the NKBA said.

In Nebraska, the Certified Interior Designers of Nebraska has
established that both NKBA and NCIDQ exams will be accepted for
certification, the NKBA added.

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