Classic Remodeling & Construction

by Emily Blackburn

Bob Fleming

Johns Island, SC
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 96%
GQ 2020 Recommend Rate: 100%
Number of Jobs in 2020: 39
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Bob Fleming

1. Demand for services is stronger than ever. Supply delays are widespread. Building product prices are rising. Please name the concrete steps you take to keep customers satisfied as timelines and prices are fluctuating?

We begin talking about the general state of product availability and prices early in our sales process, usually at the very first meeting. This helps set expectations and minimize surprises. We continue to discuss pricing at every meeting with our homeowners so they know how prices are changing and what the trickle-down effect could be for their project. We work through our selections process early and order everything for the project as soon as the contract is signed. This helps to ensure that we have plenty of time to get product in the door before it’s needed on the jobsite. In instances where product may be on backorder or no longer available, ordering early also allows us to discuss other options that might be similar in style, but more readily available, with the client.

2. A good remodeling or home improvement firm knows the limits of its capabilities to take on additional work. What do/would you communicate to clients when you cannot handle their job and must decline their inquiry?

We try to be transparent with potential clients. If they are working to a specific time-frame for project start or completion that we can’t meet, we discuss that in the initial call. Sometimes, they indicate a willingness to wait for the right contractor. However, if our timeline for starting the project doesn’t align with their needs we politely decline and, whenever possible, try to offer a referral. Most of the time they thank us for being forthright with that information.

3. During busy times like these, operational adjustments are needed in order to take on more work, often with the same level of staffing. What steps have you taken to ensure a quality experience despite the added workloads for your team?

Everyone in our company really tries to support their teammates whenever possible. We have done a lot of task-sharing over the past several months to help ensure each project gets the attention it needs. In the field we are also fortunate to have employees who are well-rounded and able to take on a variety of different types of work. This allows us to adapt and move staff around to different jobs to help catch up if we’ve experienced any delays.

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