Client Experience Leaders


Before the Internet and the advent of online ratings and reviews, hundreds of fly-by-night operators were able to flourish with a churn-and-burn mentality. For many, their long trails of unhappy customers would catch up to them, and give the industry a black eye. Today’s more transparent environment has imposed limits on bad actors. Homeowners today don’t hire firms without a decent website and some positive reviews, but these too can be inflated to create the appearance of credibility.

Conversely, the industry has always had its client experience leaders, firms that know how to create happy customers and in the process generate a steady stream of repeat business and referrals. These firms give the industry a good name. 

At Qualified Remodeler, we know that client satisfaction is no accident. Hard working, well-intended remodelers who deliver quality work can easily end up with unhappy customers for a variety of reasons. Only by measuring customer satisfaction, inviting constructive feedback and using that feedback to make procedural changes can high levels of client happiness be achieved. 

Client satisfaction measurement takes commitment and is best when conducted through an objective third party. That is why, for the second consecutive year, we partnered with GuildQuality Inc. to identify our list of 60 Client Experience Leaders. 

Each of the companies listed (alphabetically) uses the GuildQuality program to gauge their client’s post-project completion happiness. They come from all segments of the remodeling industry — from design/build to full-service and home improvement professionals. In this listing, we provide their GuildQuality recommendation rates for 2015 and for all time. Company leaders also provided their most impactful client satisfaction tips. Some companies have perfect scores with their clients — 100 percent willingness to recommend. Others are in the mid-90s and higher but have a higher number of jobs each year. 

There is a lot the larger industry can learn from these remodelers. For those not currently surveying past customers, these scores along with company leaders’ tips and ideas can provide added impetus to get started. For those who do survey their customers but aren’t getting the full payback, there are lessons here that can be put to good use.

While the Internet has created transparency with ratings and reviews, these in no way supplant the benefits of third-party feedback from clients. Direct feedback cuts through ordinary ratings and reviews with the exact information remodelers need to grow their businesses.

Guild Quality was founded in 2003 by Geoff Graham during his time as a real estate developer as a surveying solution for small to mid-sized home builders and remodelers. Since then, GuildQuality has grown to become a leader in Web-based customer satisfaction surveying for the residential construction industry. With thousands of companies who are members of the GuildQuality community of quality and having surveyed over 1 million homeowners, GuildQuality is the trusted partner of home builders, remodelers and home improvement contractors who value gathering authentic customer feedback and providing high-quality service to their customers. Top residential construction professionals rely on GuildQuality’s customer satisfaction surveying, performance reporting, and marketing tools to help them monitor, improve and share their commitment to quality and receive the recognition they deserve for doing exceptional work. 

Allen Construction

Santa Barbara, Calif.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.55%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 98.67%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 90

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

We attribute our consistently high customer satisfaction scores to 1) being an employee-owned organization and 2) well-defined core values by which we hire, review and promote employees. As employee-owners, we all care about our success and share it together. When hiring a professional remodeler, 83 percent of consumers identify reviews/recommendations as a top factor. Stronger reviews mean a stronger bottom line for every Allen employee-owner. Our core values — putting relationships first, being accountable as an employee-owner, relentlessly seeking innovation, letting our positivity be contagious, and earning trust and giving it freely — are all key drivers of customer satisfaction.  

American Home Design, Inc.

Goodlettsville, Tenn.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 93.90%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.55%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 1,844

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

In addition to the product warranties our manufacturers offer, American Home Design offers a lifetime workmanship warranty. As long as the customer owns their home, they can be assured that if anything is wrong with their home improvement due to workmanship, we’ll come back and fix it at no cost to them. This warranty gives our customers peace of mind when the job is completed. 

Amsted Design-Build

Ottawa, Ontario,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.44%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 38

Type of Firm: Design/Build

“Our mission must be to exceed the expectations of our customers, by achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.” This Mission Statement is central to the activities at Amsted Design-Build, posted throughout the office and on cards in the wallets of all employees. While a subjective goal, it can be objectively measured through third-party surveying, like GuildQuality. Surveying clients enables us to strive for and achieve high customer satisfaction by empowering employees through reinforcement and supporting immediate adjustments with constructive feedback. 

Architectural Building Arts

Madison, Wis., 

GQ All-Time Recommended Rate: 98.25%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 16

Type of Firm: Design/Build

We attribute our success in our customer satisfaction scores to providing our clients with a seamless process and the high level of communication we provide throughout the design and construction process. We have dedicated project manager weekly project site meetings that include production, design and sales. We keep the disruptions to client homes to a minimum, jobsites protected and clean every day, maintain efficient timelines, produce quality workmanship, and hire expert craftspeople and subcontractors. 

Boardwalk Builders, Inc.

Rehoboth Beach, Del.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 95.89%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.77%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 60

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

Creating high levels of customer satisfaction requires a process backed by principle. The principle behind our process is integrity. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of integrity reads, “the quality of being honest and fair,” but also, “the state of being complete or whole.” Putting this into action means taking a thorough and thoughtful approach to everything, including being on time, keeping jobsites clean, proactively communicating with our clients and generally striving to make it seem easy when they are demanding. 

Brad VanWeelden Co. 

Des Moines, Iowa,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 525

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

When we meet with our clients for the first time, we try to set clear expectations for timing of project, duration and overall outcome. We attempt to communicate with the customer on a high level throughout the project and complete a walk-through at completion to make sure the customer has received the product and workmanship they expected. 

Byers Enterprises

Grass Valley, Calif.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.88%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 97.04%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 1,800

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

Our company mantra is “Always do the right thing even when no one is watching,” which gives our team a lot of liberty to make sure the client is always taken care of. 

Callen Construction

Muskego, Wis.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.24%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 94.02%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 610

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

Our employees come to us with skills, but we make sure they know the fundamentals of giving our customers the best possible remodeling experience. We emphasize the basics of working with the customer: the please and thank yous, helping the customer out, calling a customer on the way to a jobsite so the customer knows their name and when they will be arriving. If you treat the customers right, they will stay with you; that evolved into our mission statement: “We genuinely care for people, our customers and their homes. We believe in the philosophy Quality Workmanship Works.” 

Case Design/Remodeling

San Jose, Calif.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.31%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.88%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 372

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

The values we set for our team and our clients are what drive us every day, and have helped us build and follow processes that deliver great service from initial contact to final completion on our jobs. The most important tactic is emphasizing and practicing great communication every step of the way. This is demonstrated by the following key items: transparency in our pricing with fixed price contracts; detailed documentation of all project scope and features in drawings and contracts; regular and timely communication by phone, email and through our cloud-based project management system aligned with the homeowner’s preference; responding to questions and inquiries in four business hours or less; and proactive notification about warranty and reminders at expiration. 

CG&S Design Build

Austin, Texas,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.53%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.77%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 65

Type of Firm: Design/Build

When we develop a relationship with our homeowners, we believe they are customers for life. So even though we have a warranty program that takes care of specific items within the warranty period for our clients, we understand they may need help with home issues that we are really good at and are not always within the warranty period. An example could be changing out a plumbing fixture that is out of warrant — that is easy work for us, but not so much for the homeowner. Also, we contact our clients and ask them to send us a list of any items that need attention. Usually within a day, we call them back and set up an appointment. Our goal is to take care of them within two weeks. Our Warranty Specialist, David Hipple, should wear a cape because most clients call him Superman.

Clemleddy Construction

Hawley, Pa.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.72%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 79

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Craig is the rock solid, raw energy on which Clemleddy Construction runs. His enthusiasm and good humor inspire the Clemleddy team of experienced carpenters and professional office staff to strive for excellence. Craig started the business in 1986 and has spent 30 years growing it into the lake region’s premier designer and builder of new homes and renovations. The many referrals and return customers are proof of our company tradition of commitment to integrity, client satisfaction and home-building excellence. 

Criner Remodeling

Newport News, Va.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 20

Type of Firm: Design/Build

The key factor to a high customer satisfaction rate has always been our team. Every single person in our company makes a great effort to ensure the relationships with the customers are maintained on all levels. This is true from the beginning stages of a project to well after the job is complete. We all take pride in knowing our customers are happy with both the experience and the finished project. We simply have the best people, and it shows with positive feedback. 

Crystal Exteriors LLC

Silver Spring, Md.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 100

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

Since 1995, Crystal Exteriors has provided clients with courteous, prompt, expert service. We strive to provide high-quality products and services at competitive prices without cutting corners so customers can depend on both the materials and workmanship to last for many years. The president of the company oversees each job, ensuring completion up to his high standards, and he is in direct communication with the clients so all jobs are completed to the customers’ satisfaction. Integrity is the foundation of the company, which is why 80 percent of our new clients come to us through referrals from satisfied customers. 

Curb Appeal Renovations, Inc. 

Keller, Texas, 

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.50%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 93.75%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 8

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Our high customer satisfaction is due to the fact that we are so hands-on with all our jobs. From the very first meeting, we are looking for a long-term relationship, not a one-time transaction. We want to be their “go-to” for anything to do with their home. 

DaBella Exteriors LLC

Portland, Ore.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 94%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.67%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 1405

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

DaBella is held in high regard when it comes to customer service, quality of products and install. Our customers are treated with family in mind — the way we want to be treated and cared for. Providing the best products and professional install are two of the biggest ways we serve our customers. When we do things the right way the first time, our customers want DaBella. Our mission is for each new customer to experience The DaBella Difference. 

Degnan Design Builders

DeForest, Wis.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.80%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 20

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Our design-build process means you have a coordinated team working on your behalf, streamlining the entire project from the planning phase to construction and through the warranty process. The team works for you to ensure the project stays on schedule, on budget and with as little disruption to your lives as possible. 

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of SE Florida

Stuart, Fla.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 93.02%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 94.12%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 60

Type of Firm: Kitchen & Bath Specialist

There are many everyday practices that our team considers standard that help create our overall high customer satisfaction rating. We at DreamMaker have a printed “Code of Values” that is very important to our process: Respect, Integrity and Customer Focus are code topics. The meaning of the word “team” is very important to us. From the office staff, sales members, project managers, production crews and trade partners, all of us understand we are not only providing a product but a service that will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten. 

Encore Construction Company, Inc. 

Dennisport, Mass.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.43%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 18

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Communication is the key to our success. We use BuilderTREND software that helps us communicate the schedule, change orders, photos and billings with our clients. They have their own login and password, and can access their project at their convenience. They can also communicate with us through this software. We feel you can never have enough communication with your client on their project. There will always be a few challenges to overcome, but discussing the solution with the client instead of making that decision yourself is key. 

Exterior Source

Richmond, Va.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.45%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 98.19%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 1,403

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

Customer satisfaction is a composite of many things — quality workmanship, a smile, a neat and professional appearance, returning a phone call when you say you will, and showing genuine concern. All these things cost little, but are important to our customers. Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to excel in all these areas. 

Fick Bros. Roofing & Exterior Remodeling Co.

Baltimore, Md.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 95.46%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.97%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 1,000

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement 

It is our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. We have 101 years and four generations of experience, knowledge and professionalism under our belt. We endeavor to continually improve and expand our services to better serve our customers, vendors and employees. Our company strives for nothing less than 100 percent customer satisfaction and have built our company around this goal. We have built our business on integrity, we stand behind our values and our ethics, we are consistently reinforcing our mission and goals, and we celebrate our achievements. We have worked hard to become Baltimore’s best roofing and exterior remodeling experience.  

Forest Glen Construction Co.

Highland Park, Ill.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.51%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 21

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler 

We can attribute our success to, first and most importantly, managing customers’ expectations. From the initial contact through completion, we don’t varnish the truth. We give honest projections and keep customers informed throughout the process. We have cultivated a great team of honest, well paid, dependable and professional subcontractors who understand the importance of being courteous and conscious of the fact they are working inside our customers’ homes. Our priorities of leading with good, solid design and following up with professional management is a blue ribbon recipe for success in customer satisfaction. 

Guardian Home Improvements

Morrisville, Pa.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.48%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 98.41%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 250

Type of Firm: Roofing & Siding Replacement 

Guardian Home Improvements is a business that cares about their clients. From day one, we walk our clients through the process of their new roof or siding installation and are always here when they need us until long after the job is complete. Any questions they have or any services they might need, Guardian is there. We pride ourselves on 100 percent customer satisfaction. Great materials, great workers and a great sense of pride when the job is completed and we have gained another satisfied client. 

Home Town Restyling

Hiawatha, Iowa,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 95.76%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 97.07%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 625

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

For 30 years, we have had a different business model than most in our industry. Our entire team works to improve everyday. We have marketing, sales, installation and service departments that have consistency throughout and deliver the same message. We all understand a satisfied customer is more business in the future; we also understand a dissatisfied customer can take to Internet blogs and social media in attempt to destroy you. With a current 97 percent of our customers likely to recommend us, I’m proud of the wonderful people I work with. GuildQuality has been a great measurement tool for us; every department wants high marks. High marks lead to customer satisfaction which leads to business success. 

Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc. 

Potomac, Md.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 92.03%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 92.31%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 70-75

Type of Firm: Design/Build/Remodeling Specialists

We focus on the clients’ needs through open communication from the beginning of the project to its full completion. Our goal is complete client satisfaction throughout each phase of the project. We genuinely care about each and every client and the space they have entrusted us to create for them. 

Hullco, Inc.

Chattanooga, Tenn.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.90%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 98.37%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 905

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

There is not a single tactic, but more of a culture of caring. The way we do things is uncommon. At Hullco, we are passionate about impacting our customers and our community. For nearly 40 years, we’ve provided a level of service that is different than the rest, and, when you’re from Tennessee, that means something special. We believe that doing the job right far outweighs just doing the job. 

I.P.O. Windows Direct

Oxon Hill, Md.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100% 

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 150

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

Most people say, “Treat a customer’s home like your own.” We take it a step further and treat every home as if we are doing work for a family member or someone we generally love. You never want to disappoint a loved one so we live by our slogan, “The right window at the right price installed the right way.” 

JEB Design/Build, LLC

Shreveport, La.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 90.70%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 93.75%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 25

Type of Firm: Design/Build

We have developed a successful process that gives the client a single point of contact throughout both phases of the project — a lead designer during the design and estimating phase, and a project manager during production. This process provides a firm scope of work and contract price, as well as a 3-D rendering of the project for visual confirmation. During production, each client receives a weekly construction report by the overall production manager to assess any concerns the client may have during construction, and a two-year limited warranty on every project provides a further layer of confidence for the client. 

John Anderson Building Contractor, Inc. 

Tampa, Fla.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 25

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

For us, the key to customer satisfaction is constant communication between the customer, our job leads and administration. We only hire leads who we know will bend over backward to make our homeowners happy, and soon after a job begins the customers will know that. They also know they can call or email the office or John anytime with questions or requests, and someone will always respond promptly. Having your house torn apart during the renovation isn’t easy on anyone, but by communicating what can be expected at every phase of the job, we can make the process as painless as possible and, in the end, have a very satisfied customer. 

Johnson County Siding & Windows Co., Inc.

Olathe, Kan.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 150

Type of Firm: Exterior Design & Remodel

Our family-owned business operates as a team with every member committed to complete customer satisfaction and the customer’s experience from the initial contact to project completion. Every exterior remodel begins as an interactive process with the homeowner to determine the goals of the project. From there, we proceed to the design phase, ensuring all textures, styles and colors correlate to create aesthetic balance. Finally, we credit the quality and craftsmanship of our labor force for expert installations resulting in beautiful, transformed exteriors. It’s the commitment of the entire JOCO Siding & Window team that makes the difference, and the consistent result is happy, satisfied customers.  

Karlovec & Company Design/Build Remodel

Shaker Heights, Ohio,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 14

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Our entire business is built around taking responsibility for our actions. We do that by focusing our energies on building relationships with clients who see the value of the design-build model. By handling projects from concept to completion, we are able to systematically work through the key phases as a single team working toward specific targets. From client goal-setting sessions through scope of work development, design, budgeting, scheduling, project management and production, we are able to effectively manage the entire process from beginning to end. By serving a hyper local, geographic market and a limited number of clients, we are able to focus limited resources with impact while nimbly responding to issues and opportunities. 

Kinetic Kitchen & Bath 

Nigara Falls, N.Y.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.89%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 200

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

Leadership, quality, trust and integrity are traits we demonstrate in our work everyday from client communications to design to expert construction. We believe meticulous planning makes for happy clients as much as quality craftsmanship. That’s why we created our Total Care Management System, a carefully honed, step-by-step process that we put into action from our very first meeting. Through careful adherence to this process, we are able to keep on top of every detail — from meticulous designs, ordering materials, managing our craftsmen, inspecting the work in progress and all the way to completion. 

Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

York, Pa.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.89%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 29

Type of Firm: Timber Framing

It is difficult to isolate the one “best practice” responsible for our scores; there are numerous factors at play. However, from day one, 20 years ago, we set as our guiding principle “to treat the client as we would like to be treated, and to build as if we were building for ourselves.” This principle has driven everything from our responsiveness to our craftsmanship, from our attention to detail, to the simple language of our lifetime warranty. 

Landis Architects/Builders

Washington D.C.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 93.89%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.43%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 69

Type of Firm: Design/Build

We attribute our high customer service score to several factors. The goal of each job is on-time delivery, a happy client and meeting our net profit goal. All our employees are aware of those three goals. We are a performance-based company and provide a bonus for profitable jobs — sharing half of the net profit above our goals with the team. It also helps to have an employee vs. fully subcontractor organization where our employees take ownership of their role. 

LeafGuard Exteriors

Granger, Iowa,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.51%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.45%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 1,349

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

We believe the customer experience is due to our high satisfaction rating. From the intial phone inquiry and our professional associates informing the customer on every step of the project, our customers are well informed on every aspect of their project. Our lifetime workmanship warranty and service after the sale sets us apart from our peers. Our referral rates are one of the highest in the industry and with our extensive reference list, you are sure to find a neighbor who has had a great home improvement project with us. 

Legacy Builders Group

Cincinnati, Ohio,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 25

Type of Firm: Design/Build

We conduct our business with a client focus through the pre-planning, design and construction phases. We continually train our staff on how to provide a superior customer experience. It is a topic of discussion at almost every staff meeting. Our company also believes in developing a partnership with our clients. We don’t expect our clients to sign a contract, and move out of the way and let us do our thing; they are an integral part of the construction team and we treat them as such. 

Lifetime Shingles, LLC

Chili, Wis.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.61%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.97%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 50-75

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

We operate Lifetime Shingles with the highest level of integrity. From our salespeople to our office staff, we expect nothing but the best, and in turn provide that to our customers. We strive to leave a jobsite knowing our customers are thrilled, not just satisfied with their new stone coated steel roof and their entire experience with Lifetime Shingles. Our employees are readily available to answer questions before, during and after an installation. We know the importance of keeping our word; that is why our customers continue to rank us highly on surveys and recommend us to their family, friends and neighbors. 

McCarthy Metal Roofing

Raleigh, N.C.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 15-20

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

We attribute our success to our high desire to help the customer, rather than to sell to the customer. When keeping our main priority consulting, we find our customers are far happier than when they feel as though someone is using high-pressure sales tactics. 

McClurg Remodeling

Marcellus, N.Y.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.81%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 98.28%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 734

Type of Firm: Design/Build

We make every effort on all fronts of our organization to be honest and follow through on our word. With our customers, our team members, our tradesmen and our community, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our customers’ experience this firsthand at the initial appointment and through all stages leading up to project completion. Our skilled and dedicated team of carpenters, sales and office support allow for a team dynamic that is hard to find in the construction industry. 

Morris Builders, Inc. 

Rockford, Mich.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 94.01%

QR 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.30%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 50

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Treating customers like family and doing what we say we are going to do. We stay innovative with business practices and have the best team of employees to work with. We practice our core values, and we read our vision and mission statement each week in our company meeting. Lead carpenters are encouraged to make important decisions with the homeowner during the remodel. 

MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers]

Atlanta, Ga.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100% 

Number of Jobs in 2015: 29

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Inspired by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles’ “Raving Fans,” MOSAIC Group has undertaken a companywide initiative to develop a comprehensive customer-focused strategic plan that will enable us to create our own set of “raving fans.” That means having the processes in place and the employees buy-in to ensure every contact we make with a client or prospect delivers an extraordinarily positive, powerful experience — from the initial contact all the way to the completed project and well beyond.

Owen Enterprises Inc.

Lombard, Ill.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 54

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

When we schedule to present a proposal, we commit to our prospects 100 percent. We thoroughly inspect our prospect’s home and compile a material list and quote for a variety of design options to transform their home. Our mind-set is that we already have the job versus a common lack of commitment due to the prospect of not being awarded the job. We thoroughly explain our recommendations and the flow of the work, so our prospects understand the work that will be performed. Clear expectations pave the way for a satisfied customer. 

Quality Home Products of Texas

Conroe, Texas,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.60%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.59%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 2,000

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

We pledge to create a lifetime relationship with our customers by instilling in all our employees the desire to serve our customers with a sincere and caring attitude that far exceeds our customers’ wildest expectations. Quality strives to be an innovator in customer service by creating a warm, fuzzy feeling of “Wow! This company went above and beyond anything I could have possibly expected.” By accomplishing this, we create a customer for life. 

Quality Renovations & Home Services

Berthoud, Colo.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 44

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

We want clients to understand we are about relationships first and the project second, a philosophy we’ve developed over 20 years of construction management. In addition to providing high-quality services and unmatched workmanship, we foster a culture of reliability and communication that creates a high level of trust with our clients. At the end of the job, we want our clients to be more than satisfied with the project — even surprised and excited by the quality of work and how well the job went — so they’ll hire us again for future construction needs.  

Quick Bath

Fresno, Calif.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.44%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 25-30

Type of Firm: Kitchen and Bath Specialist

First, our team understands that after them serving the client is their top priority. Second, in addition to top quality, Quick Bath guarantees its schedule with a $200 per day rebate if the completion date is missed. In 2.5 years, we have a 100 percent on-time completion rate. 

R. Craig Lord Construction Company

Moorestown, N.J., 

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.83%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 12

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Communication is the foundation of a great client experience, and it starts with good listening. Clients don’t want to be surprised, they don’t want to be left in the dark, and they don’t want to be misunderstood. Our full-time lead carpenter system provides jobsite consistency and a single point of communication. We use bi-weekly job meetings that include timelines for decisions and work progress, a two week look ahead for what to expect and published minutes to keep everyone informed. We even have a mailbox on the job for client notes if they leave before we arrive. 

Rochman Design Build

Ann Arbor, Mich.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 12-15

Type of Firm: Design/Build

We believe in building lasting relationships that are based on trust and integrity with our clients. In every good relationship, engaging in clear and constant communication is a priority, and that is the foundation we start with. In addition to communication, our goal at Rochman Design Build is to continuously exceed our clients’ expectations with the service we provide and the way we provide it. The trust our clients place in us is very important to us, and we honor that by going above and beyond for them. For us, it is never “just a project”; it is always a relationship to be created and maintained. 

Schloegel Design Remodel

Kansas City, Mo.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.95%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.43%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 94

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Our high customer satisfaction scores come from great communication between team members and clients. From the start to the very end of a project, we facilitate effective communication by having the right tools and practices in place. This includes everything from weekly meetings with the team members and clients, to the use of our project/client management system, BuilderTREND. Making sure everyone is on the same page and in the know is always step one to providing the ultimate customer experience. 

Sideco Inc.

North Little Rock, Ark.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.82%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 140

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

The key to our high level of customer satisfaction is communication. I listen carefully to what the client wants and explain exactly how we are going to meet their goals. Our clients speak directly to the owner as well as their project manager. An open dialogue develops a relationship based on trust. Because our goals are identical, our relationship becomes a partnership which allows our clients to maintain a sense of control. Working together throughout the project ensures the final results are exactly what they desire. 

The Board Store Home Improvements, Inc. 

La Crosse, Wis.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.45%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 97.40%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 731

Type of Firm: Home Improvements/Replacement

We employ all our installers; there are many home improvement companies out there who use subcontractors who have no vested interest in the company or the customer. Our installers are full-time employees, and many of them have been here 10, 15 or even 25 years. They’ve seen it all and if they haven’t seen it, they confer with someone who has to figure out the best installation possible. Plus, we have an outstanding sales and office staff who are dedicated to making the customer experience their top priority. 

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters (PA)

Bethlehem, Pa.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 96.08%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 97.03%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 351

Type of Firm: Gutter Install & Repair

Our goal is to give the customer a great experience from the estimate to receiving invoice. When I meet the customer at their home or business, my goal is to help them make an educated choice based on their needs and budget. Then when our installers go out, we strive to do the job right the first time and answer any questions the customer may have at the time of the install. When the job is finished, the job does not end there — our office staff is available to answer any questions or concerns in a timely matter. 

The Cleary Company

Columbus, Ohio,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 94.86%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 96.15%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 26

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Living and working by the Platinum Rule — treat others the way they want to be treated. Our team also welcomes strangers like friends and friends like family. Plus, we make remodeling fun!

Trademark Construction LLC

Baltimore, Md.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 100%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 100

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

“Happy customers are our most valuable award.” In order to achieve that goal, I emphasize high-quality customer service. Thus, I follow and apply in every customer interaction two basic tactics: open honest communication and a high level of work ethic. Open communication means listening to what the customer has to say; quick responses to every question, issue or concern so the customer can be relieved from stress right away; honest and reliable discussion of services and products; usage of an app that connects our customers right away any time that can also store all information about their job safely for years; and customer come first. A high level of work ethic means our crews and staff are courteous and professionals, respectful, honest and responsive. All the time, you need to remember one thing: Your customers are very important if you want to grow and stay in business for a long time. They spend thousands of dollars on remodeling, and it is normal for them to worry and get stressed out about it. Just get the stress out of them.  

Turnstone Custom Homes

Rehoboth Beach, Del.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 92.31%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 16

Type of Firm: Design/Build

In addition to performing amazing renovations, what makes Turnstone different is the approach to customer service we have adopted — it’s called “getting naked.” What this means to us is our ability to embrace uncommon levels of humility, selflessness and transparency for the benefit of our clients. We always tell our client the truth, especially when the truth is uncomfortable for us or them. We have learned that providing naked service earns us extraordinary loyalty, trust and friendship from our clients, which is our mission. 

[We credit the underlying concept for our philosophy to author Patrick Lencioni and his book Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding the Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty.]

Twin Cities Siding Professionals

St. Paul, Minn.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 97.68%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 95.45%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 125

Type of Firm: Home Imrovement/Replacement

Our company culture with its all-encompassing focus on customer satisfaction is our best practice. All of our stakeholders know and understand that placing our customers first is our main priority. From the initial visit to our website to the day our clients submit their GuildQuality report, we want them to understand they are being serviced by a company that truly cares about their needs. We understand that promising the best experience they will ever have with a remodeling contractor and then delivering on that promise is the best and most effective form of marketing there is. 

Two Storey Building

Bolton, Mass.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 98.04%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 100%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 22

Type of Firm: Design/Build

Direct personal attention to all of our customers and a commitment to 100 percent satisfaction. We listen, we collaborate, we creatively design, we craft build, we manage details astutely, we communicate effectively, we verify, and we follow through on all commitments and ensure complete satisfaction with the finished product. 

Upscale Remodeling

Ithaca, N.Y.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 94.90%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 93.10%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 40

Type of Firm: Full-service Remodeler

As a third-generation remodeling contractor, you can safely say that remodeling is in my flood. We’ve completed more than 1,500 major projects since we started, and we boast a nearly 100 percent customer satisfaction rate. That’s what happens when you absolutely love what you do and truly care about your clients. People are more important than profits; we want clients for life, not just a job. We believe there is a unique and exciting future for every room in clients’ homes, and that people deserve nothing less than a perfect remodel for their hard-earned money. 

Window Outfitters, Inc.

Savage, Minn.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 99.66%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 97.56%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 181

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

We have a customer first philosophy. We do not take shortcuts in the sales cycle. Most of our customers will be spending a significant amount of money with us, so we make sure they are completely educated on all of the options available to them through our company. Our company has several window and door lines to offer, and many proposals will include options of more than one vendor for them to consider. We are not high-pressure; our initial customer call is to become familiar with the prospect’s needs and to determine which of our offerings best fit the prospect’s home. We then prepare a detailed proposal and request the prospect come to our showroom for the proposal presentation so we can show them all of the options that are proposed. At that time, we also cover our installation process, which is to follow the best practices of all our vendors when we install the products being bid. We also give them references to check out others that have installed the same products we are proposing. Our goal is to make them feel comfortable with their decision to go with Window Outfitters. 

Window Nation

Fulton, Md.,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 93.64%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 93.65%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 9,388

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

At Window Nation, every employee is empowered to make decisions that aid in ensuring we exceed our customers’ expectations. We utilize many tools, including GuildQuality surveying, to hold everyone from sales consultants to installers accountable for the entire experience. We also use email to update customers on the status of their order and relentlessly follow up during and after the install process. A team of talented individuals also manages all social media channels and provides almost real-time, personal responses. 

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, Inc.

Dallas, Texas,

GQ All-Time Recommend Rate: 94.75%

GQ 2015 Recommend Rate: 92.83%

Number of Jobs in 2015: 2,237

Type of Firm: Home Improvement/Replacement

We have a Customer Care department, which touches base with each of our customers throughout the sales and installation processes as well as following up after installation and taking care of any service needs. Open communication and dedication to excellent work and doing whatever is necessary to make our customers happy is the key. 

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