Donald Lococo

Donald Lococo Architects was recently ranked as one of the top three residential architects in the Washington, D.C., metro area. This has been made possible by Donald’s personalized process, which is informed by pragmatics, budget constraints and client sensibilities. This personalized process not only creates homeowners who consistently find their new homes and renovations thoroughly considered, but it has also provided the firm with an uncommon proportion of awarded and published work, as well as the rare distinction mentioned above.

Focusing exclusively on single-family homes and additions, Donald’s practice remains well-versed in all architectural styles and historic periods. His dexterity also allows clients to move toward modern or traditional preferences and let their home develop freely during the design process.

Donald grew up in the arts studying painting and channeled toward a career in piano. He recalls, “The day I changed from a classical pianist to architecture, it seemed as if I would need to start from scratch.” Today, he sees it as a great advantage in his practice and realizes why architecture is often described as frozen music.

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