COVID Tracker Shows Rising Interest in Remodeling Projects

A weekly survey of remodelers and home improvement pros shows homeowners still hesitant to invite remodeling professionals into their homes as DIY trends rise.

by Emily Blackburn

The Farnsworth Group and Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) have partnered to provide manufacturers and retailers with consistent updates specifically on COVID-19’s impact on the home improvement industry. Our team is fielding weekly surveys to 1,000 DIYers and hundreds of Contractors to get a consistent pulse on project behaviors and implications of COVID-19.



Started Any New DIY Projects

We’ve seen a steady increase in the percentage of DIYers doing projects the prior week. Intent remains strong as many homeowners continue to be at home and have disposable income being shifted to home improvement in lieu of entertainment, travel or retail.

Plan to Start Prior to COVID?
Did COVID-19 impact cause project start

COVID-19 is having a direct impact on DIYers starting projects. Being home is of course the main motivator, but large portion are also doing projects themselves instead of hiring a contractor.

How impact caused project start
Have you stopped project for any reason
How did COVID-19 stop your DIY project

In-store purchases have leveled off in recent weeks. However, online purchases continue to increase and take more share of overall purchases. This continues to put pressure on Manufacturers and Suppliers to meet channel and delivery expectations.

Where did you purchase?
Did you buy online
How did COVID-19 move you to buy online

DIYers are planning to complete projects in the coming weeks, and it holds true for all generations and regions.

Are you starting a project in the next five weeks
Which projects are you starting
Are you starting a project in the next five weeks 2

Those small, more complex projects such as plumbing and HVAC are seeing increases on DIYers planning to do those projects. This may continue so long as DIYers are hesitant to have contractors in their home, yet want or need work to be done.

Next few weeks
Why are you starting
Why has COVID-19 caused you to start
Is COVID-19 causing you not start
How did the impact cause you not to start

DIYers are becoming less concerned about the negative impacts COVID will have on their lives. This may bring about more confidence to complete DIY projects going forward. In fact, many DIYers expect to do more and spend more than they normally would on DIY activities.

How concerned are you
Do you plan to do more, less, or the same amount
Planning on spending more or less
Which statement do you agree with most?

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