Criner Remodeling

by Emily Blackburn

CEO Robert Criner

Yorktown, VA
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 97.77
GQ 2019 Recommend Rate: 100
Number of Jobs in 2019: 13
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Robert Criner

The COVID-19 pandemic changed homeowner interactions. What measures do you use to signal an extra level of care when working in or around a client’s home?

As a company we recognize that aside from the direct effects of the virus there is also an added strain on all of our employees that are working with us through this period. We have weekly meetings to discuss the stress and safety of both our employees and our clients during the pandemic. I believe that these open and honest discussions have helped our team stay focused. As for the home/worksite, we use portable air scrubbers to place the work area under negative air pressure to insure we don’t contaminate the clients living area.

Seamless communication technology is now both necessary and expected. How have you used new technology platforms to promote better customer communication and satisfaction?

We and our clients are getting very used to the Zoom platform for virtual meetings and screen sharing meetings. We have been able to have meaningful discussions about our design work and show our clients exactly what we are planning on doing with the help of this technology.

What was your message to clients with projects in progress in order to keep them happy and satisfied during the uncertainty of the stay-at-home period?

During the stay-in-place period we reassured our clients that their project will be completed and we will do everything we can to protect them during that process. Ultimately, our clients understand that a pandemic and stay-in-place orders are beyond our control, and they know that we are going to make smart effective decisions regarding their health and their project

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