Cummings Architects, Ipswich, Mass., and Windhill Builders, Ipswich


Kitchen more than $150,000 | Silver

Project name: The Garvin Weeks Farmstead

The design-build team worked together to create a new kitchen with historic details – modernizing and opening the dreary space. Exploratory work by the architect revealed a timber frame barn underneath the dropped ceiling, and the farmhouse style of the kitchen followed suit. Timbers were exposed, period colors and accents selected and specialists hired to create the homeowner’s dream kitchen of “old meets new” and implementing Federal elements throughout the 1790 property. Other features include distressed floors, soapstone countertops, period-appropriate hardware, reclaimed wood, handmade cabinetry, hand-painted tiles and skylights and French doors to introduce natural light. Insulating the space was challenging while keeping the authentic timber frame roof and walls visible; a faux frame and separate roof were built atop the original to hold the insulation. Walls were padded, which had to be compensated for width-wise. Most of the ductwork had to be run through the floors and the force hot air vents carefully disguised in the room. The “barn connector” attaches the new kitchen and dining area to the property’s original barn. 

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