Custom Home 6,000 to 6,900 s.f.


Neal Prince Architects
Greenville, S.C.

Project name: Lake House 5
Project location: Sunset, S.C.
Square footage (finished): 6,900 s.f.

A busy professional couple wanted a lakefront retirement home that embodied their lifestyle and taste, while respecting and enhancing the site’s natural beauty. The primary challenge was incorporating a sizeable building program onto a considerably sloped site. Another challenge was to mediate between the owners who preferred a more contemporary aesthetic, and an architectural review board that preferred more traditional architecture.

Organization of the house is guided by the unique physical qualities of the hilly lakefront site. Spectacular panoramic views of the lake become the defining feature for a series of interconnected rooms arranged in a bow-string plan that bends around the terrain. Three distinct tall volumes, connected by lower horizontal building elements, provide a rhythm of solid and void while minimizing the overall scale of the structure. Curving stone-faced retaining walls carve landscaped terraces into a descending grade toward the lake, while decks, porches and a pool provide interstitial living spaces between the home and the hill.

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