Delta Faucet Marks 50th Year

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Delta Faucet Marks 50th Year

Indianapolis Delta Faucet Company marked the 50th anniversary of
the introduction of its first faucet with ceremonies here in
January, the company announced.

Indiana Governor Joseph Kernan designated Friday Jan. 30, as
“Delta Faucet Company Day” in Indiana in honor of the 50th
Anniversary of the introduction of the first Delta faucet. A
ceremony at Delta’s Indianapolis headquarters on January 30 marked
the occasion, along with a proclamation from Indianapolis Mayor
Bart Peterson, recognizing the company’s many contributions to the
Indianapolis community. A company-wide 50th Anniversary celebration
is scheduled for later in the year, according to the company.

The original Delta was a kitchen faucet with a washerless,
single-handle design that revolutionized the faucet industry. Masco
Corp. founder Alex Manoogian perfected the patented ball valve and
triangular cam that gave Delta its name as a first-of-its-kind
product. Delta, the largest faucet manufacturer in the world, is
now owned by the Taylor, MI Masco Corp.

“Delta has a long heritage in Indiana, and we are very proud to
be here,” said recently appointed Delta president Reinhard Metzger.
“I’ve been here only a few months, but it’s already evident to me
what a great relationship there is between our company and the
state and local communities.”

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