Design Solutions Profiles

  • Design Solutions: On the Block

    by Emily Blackburn

    For 45 years a homeowner in West Chester, Pennsylvania, lived in his house without doing any major renovations or improvements.  He bought the property in 1975 and had done only basic maintenance to the exterior and …

  • Design Solutions: Communal Living

    by Kyle Clapham

    After moving to Austin, Texas, a family from New Jersey encountered a snag: They appreciated their new property and its picturesque views but hated the house. With outdated finishes and an archaic configuration, the residence …

  • Design Solutions: Pushing Forward

    by Kyle Clapham

    The buildings at 140, 144 and 148 N. 14th Street form part of a low-rise but densely developed urban block face between O and P streets in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. Since the late 1950s, Sup …

  • Design Solutions: Modern Styling

    by Kyle Clapham

    One year after remodeling his kitchen and main living-room area, a client in Melbourne, Florida, wanted to renovate his master bathroom. He liked all the ideas the designer, Lindsey Schwartz of S&W Kitchens, proposed and …

  • Design Solutions: Crafts Zen Style

    by Kyle Clapham

    Inspired by their many travels to Southeast Asia, the owners of a 1924 Craftsman bungalow in Minneapolis, Minnesota, wanted to create a welcoming entrance. They sought to emphasize a modern, global Craftsman theme that feels …

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