This client came across our company ONE eleven ltd. while sifting through the internet for design-build general contractors in the Las Vegas Valley. They reached out via phone and voila—our relationship was born.

During the initial conversation, we had an instant connection. We rely heavily on gut instinct to guide us when it comes to deciding if we “click” with clients. We’re not exactly sure how the conversation organically turned to food and then to spirits, which in turn sparked the idea for a unique approach to this in-home design presentation.

Not only does this young couple enjoy tipping their glasses up as wine enthusiasts, but they both work in the wine industry with an emphasis on travel and teaching. So, here’s what we came up with: We would plan our initial concept overview on the premise that they would treat us to an evening of entertaining, just as they intend to do once their home remodel was complete.

The idea behind this was two-fold. First, we would be able to gain a sense of their personality, their passions and the ultimate driving force behind their intentions for their home makeover.  And second, they would be able to gain a deeper perspective of our design methodology, our dedication to craftsmanship and our passion for the construction industry as a whole.

They visit many destinations and were looking to incorporate some of their fondest travel inspiration and spa experiences into their own home. With that, the evening was underway, and we let the inspiration flow.

First up, they brought out a nice, light bubbly with hints of crisp apple and poured it slowly into delicate flute glasses as we introduced 24- by 48-inch bright white porcelain tile highlighting subtle tones of dusted gray marbling. This would be the bathroom floor and shower wall material for their master bathroom. The large tile would lay in a brick pattern and span from floor to ceiling, giving the space a true sense of uninterrupted grandeur.

The second material we highlighted was the floating shower bench and countertop material, Taj Mahal. This medium-bodied natural stone has an elegant, creamier tone and would contrast ever so slightly, pairing well with the surrounding materials. To complement this “course,” the couple brought out a Viognier, which mirrored the creamy elegant notes and complemented the beauty of the natural stone perfectly. Touché.

Next up: An organic, sustainable dimension was brought into conversation. The vineyards they represent are forward-thinking and sustainably conscious in their practices, so it was important that we incorporate earth-friendly elements into this design. Seizing the moment, we introduced reclaimed teak wood sourced from vintage buildings in Southeast Asia.

Incorporating this element into the slatted shower floor was especially welcomed, as it was reminiscent of a spa retreat that they discovered along their journeys. The couple countered with a superb bottle of Red Cabernet, which hosted woodsy hints of teak and tobacco nuances. We found ourselves enjoying a game of cat and mouse, bridging the two industries one element at a time.

We were especially excited to present our custom six-drawer floating vanity, a simple design that has the ability to transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary. The material chosen was important, as it needed to be of high quality, have grain texture and absorption ability. We chose a deep, rich cherry wood with a flat-panel profile and stained to match the teak shower floor, setting the stage for authenticity.

The flush-drawer profile with matte black inlay drawer-pulls accentuates the minimalist feel desired by the homeowners. Now, what would they have up their sleeve to match the complexity of rich cherry wood?  No disappointment here, as out came a robust, full-bodied black cherry driven Merlot, heavy on the pallet and a proper tribute to our cabinet design.

But we were not done there; as we were all feeling festive, and the juices were flowing—creatively and literally—at this point we were highly optimistic in the last of our vision: matte black metal. We introduced the faucets; shower fixtures; lighting; tall, linear, black-framed mirrors; and the inlay cabinet pulls, expecting them to boast confidence with their straight angles and sleek finish.

And to our delight, they had a special finisher of their own: bourbon. Now, this was a twist and might seem strange, but this spirit was more about paying attention to detail, for our love of bourbon was mentioned subtly amid the evening.
Armed with that, they thought there was no better time to indulge and celebrate.

Tucked away in their secret stash was Kentucky’s finest: Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon, highly regarded by collectors and connoisseurs. Boy were we excited to top off the night not only with the warming snifter in hand but also experiencing the true joy radiating on their faces as the stage was set for their bathroom remodel!

And it was in those cherished moments that we all discovered magic—our two industries collided. At first glance, the construction industry and the wine/spirits industry seem worlds apart and an utter contrast, but it was in that evening we were delighted to recognize the mass amounts of similarities.

Both exude true craftsman and create incredible atmospheres; each curates extraordinary products, and each industry enjoys celebrating lasting memories. And, most of all, each are supremely passionate about living life to the fullest. QR

Julie and Eddie Leverett

ONE eleven ltd. is a consulting, design, build and remodeling company specializing in universal design. Julie and Eddie Leverett pride themselves on full-home residential and small commercial renovations, accommodating the needs of all individuals by constructing accessible spaces. ONE eleven ltd. creates a renovation plan encompassing all aspects of mobile accessibility within the existing walls and exterior grounds.

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