Detached Structure


Yankee Barn Homes
Grantham, N.H.

Project name: Post-and-beam carriage house
Project location: Grantham, N.H.
Square footage (finished): 1,478 s.f.
Total project cost (not land): $375,000

Main objectives for this home were to build a detached, barn-style post-and-beam structure that would serve two purposes. First, it would be a home for the owners while their larger, primary residence was under construction. Secondly, it would be a joint guest house and three-car garage once the owners moved into their primary residence.

Challenges included: 1) Integrating living space with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room area and three-car garage into a small footprint; 2) Optimizing the layout so the living area felt spacious when occupied fulltime, but without being so large as to be wasteful when unoccupied; 3) Designing a building that would be attractive and appropriate for the area without looking like a huge garage or overshadowing the design of the primary residence; and 4) Optimizing the design for energy efficiency to minimize heating costs in the cold Northeast winters.

Solutions included: 1) A two-story carriage house designed with living quarters sitting over the three-car garage; 2) Post-and-beam construction to eliminate the need for interior walls for an open, spacious area; 3) A design that resembles a barn since barns are always secondary structures, even if they are larger or more prominent than the main house. Victorian-era details were added to complement the Greek Revival house; and 4) Two large window dormers that open up the living space and provide a means for passive solar heating.

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