DiFabion Remodeling, Inc.

by Emily Blackburn

Mike DiFabion

Michael DiFabion






Indian Trail, NC
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 99%
GQ 2020 Recommend Rate: 100%
Number of Jobs in 2020: 110
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Mike DiFabion

1. Demand for services is stronger than ever. Supply delays are widespread. Building product prices are rising. Please name the concrete steps you take to keep customers satisfied as timelines and prices are fluctuating?

First and foremost, we are very transparent on honest and transparent with our customers regarding product lead times and price fluctuations. We will do everything within our control, like ordering products well in advance of when they’re needed, but if delays and price increases happen, we deal with the client fairly and honestly in all cases. Most of the time, our clients are very understanding and appreciate our efforts during these tumultuous circumstances.

2. A good remodeling or home improvement firm knows the limits of its capabilities to take on additional work. What do/would you communicate to clients when you cannot handle their job and must decline their inquiry?

We have a very rigorous screening process to make sure a potential client is the right fit, based on the type of project, location, budget, timeline, etc. If they are not, we try to refer them to another reputable contractor in the area who may be in a better position to service their needs. Over the years, we have built a strong referral network with our “competitors” in our local market. Clients are very appreciative of the soft handoff, and our competitors than us for the referral. In turn, we have received many reciprocal referrals from these same contractors over the years. We have even gotten referrals from clients who were not a good fit but were impressed by the way we pointed them in the right direction.

3. During busy times like these, operational adjustments are needed in order to take on more work, often with the same level of staffing. What steps have you taken to ensure a quality experience despite the added workloads for your team?

In order to maintain high levels of client satisfaction, we have several weekly team meetings to review every project in each stage of our overall workflow, from design to completion. This keeps everyone on the same page and allows for multiple layers of quality control when making site visits and communicating with the client. We also have periodic client check-in meetings throughout the project to make sure we’re addressing any questions or concerns before it’s too late. Upon completion of each project, we have a face to face close out meeting to discuss the client experience and any areas of improvement for our team. Finally, we send each client a Guild Quality survey for honest feedback to share with the rest of the team. No matter how busy we get, there is no exception to ensuring our clients have an exceptional remodeling experience.

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