Distance measuring device, app work hand-in-hand

by Kacey Larsen

Creating job estimates has been made one step simpler when combining Stanley’s TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer with Bluetooth connectivity with the Stanley Floor Plan App. Measurements are accurate to within 2 mm., and calculations for square footage, volume and distance are available instantly.

Both the device and app can be used independently. The Laser Distance Measurer is handheld and battery-powered. With a range of 100 ft., a user is capable of taking long measurements without assistance. Featuring an easy to read LCD screen, the device has an addition and subtraction function for calculations, which can be set to work in English or metric and fractional or decimal modes.

The app functions using a smartphone or tablet’s camera. Once the room or space has been viewed through the Floor Plan’s augmented reality function, including tapping the screen to designate placement of corners and doors, the app’s software estimates and populates rooms with dimensions and square footage calculations. Individual spaces can be linked together to create a complete floor plan, and objects – such as furniture, appliances, windows and more – can be added to aid in space planning.   

When used together, the Laser Distance Measurer’s Bluetooth connectivity allows users to select any dimension on the app’s floor plan and sync it with the distance captured by the device. Manual entry of dimensions isn’t necessary; select the dimension being verified in the Floor Plan App, point and click the measuring device and the information will be captured.

The Stanley Floor Plan App is available for iOS and Android devices, is free to download, and is available in both the Apple iTunes store and Google Play store. Floor plans created can be saved, viewed and shared with other app users for free. Floor plans can be purchased to be exported – in PDF, JPEG, Excel or DXF files – to be printed; shared via email or social media; or sent directly to retailers. A monthly subscription fee for unlimited exports of floor plans created within the app is also available to users.

More information about the Stanley TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer with Bluetooth connectivity and Stanley Floor Plan App can be found at stanleytools.com, or circle XX.  

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