DOE releases for public comment: Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades

by WOHe

Nov 9, 2010
DOE released Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades for workers in the residential energy efficiency industry.

The guidelines will help develop and expand the skills of the workforce, ensuring the quality of the work performed, while laying the foundation for a more robust worker certification and training program nationwide.

The announcements highlighted the progress that has been made on implementing the recommendations of last year’s Recovery through Retrofit report. See the residential retrofit guidelines Web site including a link for public comment. Also see Recovery for RetrofitPDF.

The Workforce Guidelines include standard work specifications required for high-quality work, a reference guide for technical standards and codes, analyses of the job tasks involved in completing various energy efficiency improvements, and the minimum qualifications workers should possess to perform high quality work. 

Identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform efficiency upgrades represents an important step in developing a nationwide framework for training program accreditation and worker certification.  The guidelines will be available for public comment through January 7, 2011. 

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