Domotechnica to Focus on Kitchen And Admit Public

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Domotechnica to Focus on Kitchen And Admit

Cologne Domotechnica Cologne 2001, the leading European trade
show that spotlights the latest in major and small home appliances,
will focus heavily on kitchen design and will be open for the first
time to consumers, as well as the trade, show sponsors

Sponsors of the massive, four-day trade show scheduled for March
7-10, 2001 in Cologne said that a special kitchen exhibit, to be
called “LivingKitchen,” will enable show attendees, including
consumers, to embark “on an exciting tour of lifestyle-oriented
themes on current culinary and home living culture.”

The kitchen design theme “will show insights into the most diverse
lifestyles which find expression in the design of the living space
of the kitchen,” show organizers noted.

They added that the aim of the kitchen display is to “directly
address” and “inspire” attending consumers.

In addition, “Smart House,” or BUS, technology enabling builders
and remodelers to link, or network, various appliances throughout
the home will be a primary focus of the show, organizers

Some 1,200 exhibitors from 59 countries, including the U.S., will
take part in the event, which will be opened on a limited basis,
for the first time, to the general public. Approximately 72,000
trade visitors from 144 countries attended the 1999 Domotechnica,
which was then open to only trade visitors.

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