Doorways Through Time


The style of the door pictured here is mid-century modern. Another term to describe this post-war, late ‘40s, early ‘50s entry door is minimal traditional.

“Whatever you call it, that style fell out of favor in the early 1970s,” says David Erwin, owner, Crestview Doors in Austin, Texas. “That mind-set has stuck. To some people these doors are junk. It’s hard to switch that mind-set.”

Despite this opinion, sales of doors within this architectural style are picking up. “The power of this style is its ability to evoke memories. It brings people back. That’s why people restore houses to architectural accuracy, to evoke memories of another time,” Erwin says.

Architectural accuracy means research, which Erwin did plenty. While traveling, he would hop in a cab to explore the suburbs and stop at homes with doors from this era. He’d take photos and measurements and even talk to homeowners to match year of construction with door style. “Certain designs were popular only during certain eras. Plus, there were different variations on some designs over the years. We wanted to be as accurate as possible,” Erwin says.

With research in hand, Erwin launched Crestview Doors in 2007, selling kits that can transform any flush door into one from yesteryear. When an order is fulfilled, a box arrives with three window kits which contain interior and exterior frame and glass, screws that hold everything together, a dowel rod to fill screw holes, a single-serving pack of silicone sealant plus detailed instructions.

As long as a flush door is available to work with, Crestview Doors’ kits can be applied to both new construction and remodeling projects. For new construction jobs, a builder would use the Crestview kit in the same way a remodeler would, but on a brand-new flush door. “Builders can order a flush door from the mill prehung as an exterior door. They can spec wood, metal or fiberglass. Our kits work with any door that’s an inch and three-quarters thick,” Erwin says.

Conversion kits can be bought through, where installers can be located as well. For more, please type in #5 in E-Inquiry Form or visit

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