Drywall Decoration

by Kacey Larsen

Trim-Tex wants homeowners and remodelers to be limited only by their own imaginations, which is why the company offers so many different shapes and sizes of vinyl drywall accessories to create “drywall art”.

“What we promote to remodelers is that these products allow them to not just bid on a remodeling job, but to really sell their skills and what they can offer,” says Abe Dickison, marketing strategist, Trim-Tex. “The homeowner just isn’t aware they can do decorative elements inexpensively, so these products are a tool given to the remodelers and builders to sell.”

“Drywall art” describes projects like decorative archways, stepped ceilings, alcoves, wainscoting and crown moulding. Dickison recalls the 2013 Trim-Tex Drywall Artist of the Year, an annual individual award competition for projects completed using Trim-Tex beads, using assorted corner beads to finish the shelving in a built-in entertainment center for a decorative look.

Products from Trim-Tex –like the niche bead, archway L bead, decorative L bead and step A bull arch –can be used to enhance drywall projects. Once a drywall sheet has been cut into the desired shape and is mounted, the edges are finished with one of the company’s rigid vinyl corner beads, which are installed with adhesive spray and staples. Then, the drywall and corner bead are ready for paint or other finishing touches. The corner beads range in length depending on the style of bead, but 8-, 9-, 10- and 12-ft. lengths are standard. Because the corner beads are vinyl, they can be cut to a desired size.

 “The big advantages of using a vinyl bead are it doesn’t dent, doesn’t rust, doesn’t provide a source for mold-growth, and it can contribute to LEED points because the beads are made from 70 percent recycled materials,” says Dickison. “The corner beads are an affordable luxury upgrade because vinyl is durable and provides a really clean look.”

Because “drywall art” is such an expansive category, Trim-Tex offers several courses at its Design & Training Center in Lincolnwood, Ill. The Trim-Tex Factory Trained Bead Certification is achieved through a free two-day class, Dickison explains. The class teaches anyone in the remodeling and building industries how to use all of the company’s products.

More about the certification course can be found at drywallart.com, and more about Trim-Tex and its products can be found at trim-tex.com or Circle 39 on the reader inquiry card.  

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