E-Commerce on Job Sites Offers Builders Construction Management

by WOHe

E-Commerce on Job Sites Offers Builders Construction

Dallas Builders around the country will soon “be discovering the
convenience of managing complete construction projects via the
Internet” with the launch of a new e-commerce initiative developed
by Buildscape, Inc., the Dallas-based Internet services company

According to Buildscape, Inc. the creator of the home building-
and remodeling-related Web site community Buildscape.com the
company’s latest venture, BuildscapePRO, is a password-protected
site that will enable professional homebuilders to manage and
coordinate all aspects of their projects, including materials
selection, ordering and delivery, subcontractor selection,
scheduling and customer relations.

Three pilot distribution programs have already begun with select
lumberyard affiliates in Alabama, Florida and Texas, the company
said, adding that affiliate relationships with leading homebuilding
suppliers are expected to bring BuildscapePRO to nearly all major
U.S. markets within the next year.

“By establishing local affiliates, Buildscape allows a builder
to source nearly the entire materials for a new home from a single
provider, thus saving the builder time and money in the
construction management process,” said the company.

Other features of Buildscape-PRO will include the ability to
locate and schedule subcontractors on a project, and to provide
better customer service through improved client communications,
better management of change orders, and full documentation of key
exchanges throughout the life of a project, the company added.

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