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authors Patrick O'Toole | October 14, 2020

We recently announced that TOP 500 LIVE, our annual sales and lead-generation conference, has been rescheduled for the fall of 2021. It will now be held Nov. 1-3, 2021, in New Orleans. Many of you, no doubt, recall that it was originally scheduled to take place this past March. Then we attempted to host it this fall, but the pandemic persisted and so did local safety mandates.

Our firm belief is that TOP 500 LIVE should only be held in-person. Too much is lost otherwise. By now, we’ve all experienced dozens of virtual conferences and seminars. They are a very effective means of communication, particularly for training and education. Conferences and trade shows are another matter completely.

All of us are learning now the lessons that film and television producers have known for decades. People can only sit and watch content on screens for short periods of time. There need to be breaks in the action. I’m old enough to remember 10-minute intermissions in long movies.

Call me a contrarian, but no matter how engaging virtual environments can be—and there are many good examples—I don’t think it’s rational to expect people to strap themselves to a desk and watch more than two hours of conference content without being distracted. It’s just not the same as being there in person.

Home Improvement Pro Masterclass Webcasts Nov. 2, 4 and 5

Absent the opportunity to produce an in-person event in 2020, we are excited to announce a series of three Home Improvement Pro Masterclass webcasts powered in part by the CEOs from TOP 500 LIVE.

The webcasts will be highly produced, broadcast-quality, 75-minute events. Featuring industry leaders such as Power Home Remodeling founder and chairman Adam Kaliner, and B.J. Werzyn of fast-growing West Shore Home, the webcasts will focus on People, Process and Leads, respectively.

Each webcast will be anchored by three CEOs, followed by live Q&A with attendees. The People webcast focuses on “How to Attract, Retain and Manage Talented People.” And in an era of slipping cycle times, our Process topic is, “The Quality Way to Improve Sales, Installation and Client Communication.” Finally, our Leads webcast will offer the latest ideas for generating leads: “How to Feed the Engine: What’s Working for 2021.”

top 500 home improvementTo learn more and register, go to QualifiedRemodeler.com/masterclass.

We’ve likely got several months to go before we achieve what is to be our “new normal.” We think the new normal will involve a mix of in-person and virtual events. Until then, we are certain these virtual Masterclass webcasts will be informative and engaging ways to get your team ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2021.

Please also make plans to attend TOP 500 LIVE in New Orleans next fall. Go to Top500Live.com for details. It will be great to see everyone again—in person. QR

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