Focused on Agile Systems and Technology, Qualified Remodeler’s third annual FAST Remodeler Live conference, is headed to Austin, Texas, next May 14-15, where it will be held at the Hilton Austin. This is a big step for the event, the large tech community that serves remodeling, and remodelers. FAST was launched in Baltimore in 2021, and the response was very positive. It truly fills an information gap in the industry.

Qualified Remodeler has always strived to be a business-education vehicle for remodelers and home improvement pros. The industry is comprised of pros who excel at the craft. But those same entrepreneurs often lack the business best practices to help them grow and become profitable.

The first FAST Remodeler Live conference demonstrated that implementing and deploying software can be difficult. But successful, new software leads to greater profit. Young entrepreneurs joining the remodeling and home improvement industry are bona fide digital natives. When new software solutions are introduced, they quickly see the value and applicability to their business. For mid-career professionals, technology is less innate. For them, technology evaluations require more time and more explanation.

When our second annual FAST Remodeler Live event was held, the swift rise of artificial intelligence, namely Chat GPT, dominated the conversation if not the prepared content offering. There was a sense among the attendees that technology had changed forever—that our industry, and for that matter all industries, would soon embark on a completely new path driven by AI.

This coming spring in Austin, FAST Remodeler Live will certainly deliver on the fundamentals of business software for remodelers. There are many battle-tested solutions available and ready to deploy. From design solutions to estimating to project management to CRMs, FAST will offer practical information on how to use these tools to move your business forward.

But our coming event in Austin will also offer a heavy dose of information about the potential impact of AI and will showcase new solutions that employ AI. There will also be sessions on how to conceptualize what is coming and how to prepare for the dramatic technology shift that is underway.

With its strong community of technology providers, Austin a logical place to host FAST Remodeler Live after two years on the East Coast. We expect it to offer more seminars, more tech vendors, and a big boost in attendees.

If you are a remodeler and you’ve found new ways to incorporate existing AI tools and solutions in your business, please tell me about them. My email is You can also send me an SMS at (847) 440-3438.

Our FAST Austin registration webpage will be up and running by early December. In the interim I look forward to hearing from you. And our entire Qualified Remodeler team looks forward to seeing you in Austin next May. QR

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