For the third consecutive year, we’re presenting new research on how remodelers and home improvement pros use technology. You can see the results of that research here. About 40 percent of remodelers report having tried Chat GPT or one of the dozens of other generative AI tools available on the web.

This is a solid number compared with the broad category of small business owners in all verticals. According to Forbes only 11 percent of business owners nationally report using AI tools for work, meanwhile 57 percent would like to try generative AI tools in the coming year.

That’s a huge gap, but it is one that is likely to close quickly. I like technology, but I too was slow to get on the bandwagon. Given how much is written and produced about AI these days, it’s easy to dismiss generative AI as part of some gigantic, never-ending hype cycle. And while the hype about AI is unremitting, it’s not overstated.

My own trial-and-error research on AI tools quickly hit pay dirt. I’m stunned by the images that a short voice prompt on Jasper can create. I am similarly impressed by the completeness and correctness of responses to questions I enter in Chat GPT 4. These tools are incredibly capable today. Chat GPT 4 is a very good research assistant. And with Chat GPT 5 on the horizon, the capabilities will grow. And they’re incredibly easy to use.

Here’s a quote from the CEO of Intuit, Sasan Goodarzi, published in Forbes. “AI presents the next tectonic shift in technology and will be the greatest driver of innovation since electricity and the internet—and generative AI is transforming the way humans interact with computers.”

Mr. Goodarzi sounds like he’s part of the hype cycle, but these words are likely carefully chosen. They are his best effort at putting today hottest new tech into perspective. In short, we are on the front edge of this new age in computing. As business owners, let’s embrace it and adapt with it.

“[Small business owners] will know and be able to take action on what products and services to sell more of, how to optimize pricing, how much to invest in marketing, which channels to invest in, how much capital to take, when to pay it back, know when it’s time to buy more inventory and hire more employees.”

Even if you are not already experimenting with today’s AI tools, chances are you’re unintentionally using AI. Users of Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and many others within its Office 365 are continually updated with slightly better versions that utilize machine-learning and AI. LinkedIn and other social media platforms now include clickable text within posts that help you translate languages or learn more about subjects mentioned by the authors of the posts that you read.

Being a cautious or slow adopter of technology has generally been a wise approach over the past few decades. These new tools, however, are developing quickly. No matter your level of sophistication, it seems advisable to get in the wave now and paddle forward at whatever speed makes sense for you and your business. QR

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