Emmett Phair Construction, Lake Oswego, Ore., with Dominek Architecture

by Kacey Larsen

Light Commercial More Than 5,000 sq. ft. | Silver

Project name: Gresham Dental Group

To convert a vacant restaurant into the home of a dental office, a building underwent a major remodel that included a complete façade update and an 1,899 sq. ft. addition. Converting the heavy-use commercial street frontage into an inviting space with a softer feel was a challenge. To maintain a zero lot line frontage but shift pedestrians away from the street curb, the primary entries and windows were recessed to reduce scale along the façade. Large-scale canopies shelter pedestrians, an outdoor plaza invites visitors to the north tenant entry, and bike parking and custom benches provide human scale elements amongst the building’s oversized columns. Because of the office’s proximity to wooded forests and mountains, the interior and exterior design reflect the surrounding nature. A smooth layer of stucco on the exterior replaced preexisting cracked, textured stucco, and accents of wood siding and new windows further transformed the building from its previous use. Layers of ornamentation and architectural details were removed to simplify the building and result in cleaner lines with a more modern and simplified visual appeal. A neutral color palette with accents of wood and metals help tie the interior to nature; a fireplace at the office’s main entrance provides a welcoming warmth. As a further connection to surrounding nature, the building includes a fully vegetated stormwater planter garden, which captures and detains the rooftop rain water.

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