Envision Acquires Fairway Architectural Railing

by Patrick OToole

Envision Building Products LLC, headquartered in Lamar, Missouri, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions.  Fairway is a manufacturer in the railing category and its products complement to Envision’s line of composite decking. 

“We believe this is the right partnership to meet the evolving needs of our customers while furthering our ability to create best-in-class outdoor products and achieve our vision in becoming the undisputed market share leader of non-wood railing in the US market. We are excited by Fairway’s opportunities under Envision’s ownership.” said Greg Burkholder, CEO Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions.

Fairway’s existing management team will remain in place and its current product offering will continue to be offered under the Fairway brand, with Fairway also having the ability to provide its customers access to Envision composite decking.  Envision will likewise be able to offer its customers access to the suite of Fairway railing products.   

“This acquisition expands Envision’s footprint in the outdoor living category and will not only increase market reach but will also provide operational efficiencies,” said Shara Gamble, Vice President of Envision Sales and Marketing.  “The individual strengths of each company are complementary and will have a positive impact on our combined service and product offerings.”

The expanded product offerings provided through the acquisition include comprehensive railing solutions in vinyl, aluminum, steel, composite, and cellular PVC along with unique composite decking products from Envision’s budget friendly Ridge Premium to its luxurious Distinction line of decking.  The addition of Fairway railing solutions is yet another step forward for Envision in the outdoor living category.

“We welcome and look forward to working with Fairway’s employees and customers,” said David Humphreys, Chairman and CEO, Envision Building Products LLC. “Our acquisition of Fairway will build existing relationships, while affording customers the benefits of an expanded product portfolio and capabilities.” QR

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