EPA Improves Web Resources Related to RRP

by malley@solagroup.com

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency updated several of its Web resources related to the lead renovation, repair and painting rule.

The EPA improved its search tool for EPA-certified RRP firms, allowing the public to search by firm name and location. EPA-certified firms should encourage their potential customers to use the tool to check the certification statuses of firms the customers are considering hiring.

The EPA also updated its database of Frequent Questions about the RRP rule to reflect recent regulatory changes that became effective Oct. 5. A searchable PDF version of the FQs is also available. A fact sheet describing how provisions of the RRP rule apply to repairs and renovations done in response to natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes was also issued.

“Common home repair activities – from sanding a wall to adding a room – can spread dangerous dust from lead-based paint throughout a home and poison children. That’s why EPA is urging everyone to hire trained and certified lead-safe contractors when considering work on homes built before 1978. Our website has a search tool to help find EPA-certified contractors. These contractors have been specially trained to work safely with lead painted surfaces, and they will help you protect your biggest investments – your family and your home,” says Michelle Price, chief of the lead paint regulatory program, EPA.

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