Bruce Case and Bill Millholland host the Design Build Central podcast. In episode 2 they talk about process.
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Repeatable processes lay at the heart of any successful remodeling business. In fact, of all of the many differences between full-service remodelers and those who are focused on design-build, process is what sets them apart.

In episode No. 2 of Design-Build Central, co-hosts Bruce Case and Bill Millholland of Case Architects & Remodelers in Bethesda, Maryland provide key insights to the critical importance of ‘process’ to the success of running a design-build system. The collaborative and iterative flow of design-build is what its proponents argue makes it superior to any other method for completing major remodeling projects.

“Process is something that we hold near and dear,” asserts Bill Millholland. “They are methods we’ve developed over decades of remodeling. And we’ve got a process for just about everything we do here at Case. And one of the things that I think about when it comes to process is that the benefits are not only internal, but external as well. It makes it easier to explain to clients how we’re going to take this idea and turn it into an actual project.”

And, there is a certain aspect of “comfort” to relying upon established systems and processes to run the day-in, day-out work of remodeling homes, adds Bruce Case.

“Some people might feel restricted by a process,” said Case. “But for our team and our clients, the larger you get and the more people you deal with, it allows for more comfort, because people know—black-and-white—what they’re supposed to do. Homeowners know what they’re supposed to do. So it allows for some consistency.”

In this episode Case and Millholland also share insights on:

  1. How ‘process’ leads to predictable results
  2. The processes for primary roles at Case
  3. Project Developers (Sales)
  4. Project Managers who manage five to six jobs at any one time
  5. Designers and how they sit between and Project Developers and Project Managers
  6. The importance of interaction between key roles
  7. The process for in-house craftsmen
  8. The process for working with trade and alliance partners, and much more.

Bruce Case is president and CEO of Case Architects & Remodelers. Bill Millholland is Executive Vice President of Case. Their podcast, Design-Build Central, offers insights and best practices from one of the industry’s largest and most admired remodeling firms. QR

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