Experts On: CMKBD Discusses Techniques to Maximize Space, Storage

by WOHe

In the newest episode of ‘Experts On’, KBDN senior editor John Filippelli speaks with Gail Drury, CMKBD, president and creative director of Drury Design in Glen Ellyn, IL about ‘Unique Storage Solutions for the Kitchen and Bath.’

Gail is a veteran of the kitchen and bath industry with 30 plus years of experience. As a former National Kitchen and Bath Association instructor, Gail began her design career at St. Charles Kitchens in 1978 designing St. Charles dealer showrooms and conducting dealer training across the US, and later as a kitchen designer in their corporate owned showroom in Chicago.

In 1987 she founded Drury Design and employs a dozen employees including five other designers from a 7,500 sq ft. design studio. Gail personally oversees the design of an average of 50 kitchens per year including her own clients. You will find her design work and completed projects in Kitchen and Bath Design News, Trends, Better Homes and Garden, HGTV.Com and Kitchens.Com.

Click the play button below to hear Gail’s insights.

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