Exterior Facelift

by kbetz@solagroup.com


Morey Construction

Signal Hill, Calif.

The house had a distinctively 1970s feel that was not pleasing to the owners. The front of the home was uninviting and unbalanced. The entrance was surrounded by trees, a fence, and a roof which kept the area in shadows. The existing stucco-and-stone siding did not fit the homeowner’s preference for something more reminiscent of Tuscany. The remodeler reviewed photographs of homes the client admired and selected materials consistent with the homeowner’s vision. The challenge, then, was to create a welcoming entry and bring balance to the front of the house. New windows and a tall foyer contribute to the new look.


Melton Design Build

Boulder, Colo.

The home lacked curb appeal, character and charm. There was no backyard, yet the front of the house offered no outdoor living opportunities. Finally, the existing concrete porch created drainage issues. To update the unadorned façade, an eyebrow roof, balconies and planters were added. The new design also introduces a gateway, porch, and covered entryway, resulting in a welcoming entry. To create an outdoor living space, a deck with a table and seating area was created. Furthermore, a new drainage system and irrigated landscaping solved the drainage issues.

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