Familiar President/CEO for Wellborn Forest Products

by Kacey Larsen

Wellborn Forest Products announces the appointment of Tim Wellborn as President and CEO, effective Dec. 19, 2016. Having served as the company’s President and CEO previously from 1996-2008, Tim will be leading with a new strategic vision, which includes advancing the high-end, semi-custom cabinet operation’s growth and profitability with an emphasis on craftsmanship through product innovation and reinvesting in technology.

Wellborn Cabinet Company was founded in 1963 by Tim’s father and uncle, Doug and Paul Wellborn. Tim’s roles in the company have included Vice President of Sales for Wellborn Cabinetry Company and Vice President of Sales at Wellborn Forest Products. As the company grew, Tim and his father Doug began to shift the company toward higher-end, semi-custom cabinetry (over the low-end price point cabinetry for the multi-family industry it had been producing) and which it is still producing today.

Beyond the company, Tim has applied his time and experience  to serving on the Board of Directors for the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association for more than seven years. Tim’s wife, Pam, served as Director of Design and Color until 2008 and will continue to influence the company’s product design and finish options.

Find out more about Wellborn Forest Products here.

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