Family home, artifact museum


The design objective for this ranch home was to integrate the client’s extensive, eclectic, valuable, growing collection of artifacts into his day-to-day living experience, and to integrate that experience into harmonious relationship with the landscape of his dramatic, family ranch. The goal was to provide museum-quality space inside and great garden space outside, enhancing the client’s daily life. Challenges included subduing the intense natural sunlight and render safe, naturally illuminated space for gallery and day-to-day use. The building had to be totally open, and given the capability to not only sustain everyday life but also to complement entertainment functions, supporting the family’s growing desire to share its collection with the surrounding ranch community and well beyond, yet maintain a feeling of home. Every inch of space was addressed with natural light in mind. Porches and trellises extend to cushion the sun’s impact and link living and gallery structures. Unifying inside-outside relationships was essential, while preserving integrity of the artifacts on display. The whole house becomes a living gallery.

Project location: Chappell Hill, Texas

Contractor: Adams Architects

Location: Houston

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