NewSouth Window, LLC


2019 Remodeling Revenue N/A
2019 Jobs N/A
2020 Expected Revenue N/A
Primary Focus Replacement / Home Improvement contractor


Tampa, Florida
Earl and Amy Rahn, Co-Presidents and Co-Founders
Year Founded: 2010

NewSouth Window Solutions, part of the PGT Innovations family of brands, is headed by Earl and Amy Rahn (Co-Presidents & Co-Founders) and Jeff Jackson (CEO of PGT Innovations). In 2010, NewSouth was founded by the Rahns and began with two locations: Tampa, FL & Orlando, FL. 10 years later, then operating in seven locations, NewSouth was acquired by PGT Innovations, accelerating their growth. NewSouth expanded their operations to three new markets in 2020 (Charleston, SC, Pensacola, FL/Mobile, AL and Houston, TX) and another three in 2021 (Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC and New Orleans, LA), bringing their current footprint to 13 markets and six states: Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Earl and Amy Rahn