In today’s episode, Level 10 Contractor CEO Rich Harshaw tells a story about a marketing masterpiece he discovered years ago on a family road trip, literally in the middle of nowhere: Wall Drug. Besides enticing travelers with an 80-foot tall dinosaurs and 5-cent cups of coffee, this truck-stop-turned-tourist-trap dug deep into their marketing bag and posted 150+ billboards stretching out for dozens of miles along the freeway. The results are staggering, and the principles—frequency and consistency—are worth analyzing. Join Rich as he shows you how you can “Wall Drug” your audience, too!

Marketing Matters for Remodeling Pros is a contractor marketing podcast for remodeling professionals! Presented by Qualified Remodeler Magazine, with host Rich Harshaw. Harshaw is a veteran marketer within the home improvement industry. He is the owner of Level 10 Contractor.

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