Gordon Reese Design Build

by Emily Blackburn

Michelle Reese

Gordon Reese






Walnut Creek, CA
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 96%
GQ 2020 Recommend Rate: 94%
Number of Jobs in 2020: 10
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: Michelle Reese, Gordon Reese

1. Demand for services is stronger than ever. Supply delays are widespread. Building product prices are rising. Please name the concrete steps you take to keep customers satisfied as timelines and prices are fluctuating?

We are ordering materials earlier to insure they’re in-stock and available on the job site when needed. We’re also having our clients make secondary selections so we have alternate options when ordering their materials, in case what they originally wanted is out of stock or unavailable in time for their project.

2. A good remodeling or home improvement firm knows the limits of its capabilities to take on additional work. What do/would you communicate to clients when you cannot handle their job and must decline their inquiry?

We have a frank discussion with out clients about scheduling and our process early on to avoid confusion throughout the remodeling process. If we are unable to meet the needs of the client, we will recommend ideas for how they can proceed.

3. During busy times like these, operational adjustments are needed in order to take on more work, often with the same level of staffing. What steps have you taken to ensure a quality experience despite the added workloads for your team?

We are continually optimizing our processes and procedures to improve our ability to manage each project we design and build. Implementing an adapting COVID-19 policy, we have asked all of the trade partners we do business with to adhere to our policy as well.

We use a detailed project checklist that outlines the steps taken all the way from design development to our warranty process which has helped us improve our efficiency and job quality. We are continually asking our clients and trade partners on what aspect of our process that works well and improving upon any concerns they may have.

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