Gravina’s Window Center of Littleton

by Emily Blackburn
Jim Gravina

Littleton, Colo.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 96%
GQ 2021 Recommend Rate: 100%
Number of Jobs in 2021: 749
Type of Firm: Home improvement/Replacement
CEO: Jim Gravina

Business technology and business software are offering new ways for remodelers and home improvement professionals to improve client experience and customer satisfaction. In what ways are you using software or technology to improve client experience?:

Business technology has helped us improve the homeowner experience by automating many processes and tasks related to their project.

For example, it has helped us automate the task of sending out invoices, tracking payments, and managing customer data. This has helped reduce the time and effort needed to complete these tasks, which frees up time for our employees to focus on other essential tasks.

In addition, the business tech had improved our communication between homeowners and our installers. Using tools like our online project management software, we can keep customers updated on the progress of their job, and they can quickly provide feedback or ask questions. This helps create a better overall experience for all of our customers.

Rising costs for labor and building materials along with higher inflation on everything else is forcing remodelers and home pros to raise prices dramatically. Tell us about the most effective ways you are passing along these rising prices to your clients?:

From the get-go, we don’t try to hide it. We present to our customers upfront about any price increases. If our costs rise, we explain to our customers why that is happening. We have been around since 1973 and know how to move with the market.

We also focus on the product’s value rather than the price increase. We explain to your customers the quality of the products we sell them and the service they will get for a lifetime.

We always try to be transparent about price increases so that customers can make informed decisions when purchasing from us or choosing not to buy if it is too expensive for their budget.

Supply shortages have required you to ask clients to go back and pick another finish or building material. What are your tips for handing these product trade-off conversations?:

The lead times on shipping have gotten better and better since Covid started. If we are experiencing a supply chain issue impacting our products, we prep the customer for potential delays and inconvenience. We do everything we can to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and thank them for their understanding.

The flip side to that is most of the products we sell are made in America, so lead times aren’t as bad as things like appliances. We don’t have to compromise on having our customers pick something else.

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