Green | Sustainable

  • Moving Beyond the ‘Green’ Movement

    by Kyle Clapham

    For a number of years there was big hype about the green-building movement and everything green. Many remodelers viewed green remodeling as a passing fad. Fast-forward a few years and building science, which is really …

  • Top 500 Profile: Sustainably Green

    by Kacey Larsen

    You can tell Bill and Doug Storey are not your average remodelers by the cleverness of their company name, Two Storey Building. But the beating heart of Two Storey is all business. Together with their …

  • CR: The Basics of Green Remodeling

    by Kacey Larsen

    Green remodeling covers a broad and diverse spectrum of topics that could not possibly be addressed (in entirety) here. For our purposes, we will address primarily basic building science and building testing, indoor air/environmental quality, …

  • Marketing Tips for Green Remodelers

    by Kacey Larsen

    Thinking of marketing your remodeling business as a green operation? It’s a pretty savvy business move. Interest in green products and services has grown over the past decade—particularly for millennials, who are just starting to …

  • Green Certification Programs for Remodelers

    by Kacey Larsen

    If you’re a remodeler, you might think that green certification programs aren’t really designed with your business in mind. After all, many certification guidelines focus mainly on new construction and include site-specific requirements that are …

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