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BRZ Inc.
Blufton, S.C.

Project Name: Bird Patch Cottage
Project Location: Spring Island, South Carolina
Square Footage (finished): 1,570 s.f.
Total Project Cost (not land): $435,100

Intended as a guest house or short-term residence, Bird Patch Cottage sits on a 2.5-acre wooded site master-planned for a main home and separate garage. The home features views of holes five and seven of a golf course that’s part of a 3,000-acre development on the South Carolina coast. Every stage of planning and execution was done with the goal of creating a home that was environmentally responsible without sacrificing aesthetic principles. A LEED Platinum rating is anticipated.

The primary challenge was to achieve a LEED Platinum rating without using solar or geothermal technology, and to disguise the technology used to achieve the rating. The approach focused on ensuring the building envelope was energy-efficient. This was achieved with autoclaved aerated concrete for all structural walls, sealing potential areas of air leakage; and spray-foam insulation. A high-efficiency HVAC system, LED lighting and Energy Star appliances are used.

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